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v2.1.1 b3: Backup folder not present dlg

Posted: 2015-04-08 05:37:36
by credneb
I work on a MBPro using a thumb drive to collect the backup files saved automatically to a second location picked thru the Saving preferences.

Since v2.1, if I forget to connect the thumb drive before saving a document in Nisus, the following dialog appears.

[attachment=0]no backup folder dlg.png[/attachment]

Click Don't Backup, and backing up that file is turned off even AFTER the thumb drive is later inserted.
Connect the drive and Choose folder again from the preferences, and backing up remains turned off. To get NWP to save a backup copy, you have to quit and restart NWP.

v2.0 had a Try Again button in this dialog. Worked great.
Here's a request to revive the Try Again button.