glossary expansion improvement

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glossary expansion improvement

Post by credneb » 2015-04-24 11:48:33

I just discovered that NWP has gotten a lot smarter with 2.1.

Specifically, if an abbreviation has already been expanded, even in text copied from another document, NWP no longer expands the entry again.

For example, if the abbrev is "42" and expands to "widget wombat 42", typing any trigger does not expand the abbreviation again. So you don't end up with "widget wombat widget wombat 42", for example. There are ways to force it (such as by saving), but this a huge improvement (at least for me).

I assume this was an intentional improvement, but even if not, many thanks.


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Re: glossary expansion improvement

Post by martin » 2015-04-27 15:06:19

This was indeed intentional. From the release notes:
Fixed: QuickFix should not expand an entry if the result is already in place. For example, if the user has a correction to turn "!" into " !", QuickFix will not turn "Hello !" into "Hello ! " if the user inserts a space after the exclamation.
I'm glad you are finding the new behavior helpful– thanks for saying so. Go team Wombats 42!

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