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Extended Borders on Images with Captions 
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I’ve been adding captions to my images using the standard Tools/Shapes/Add Caption to Image. The image neatly fits the underlying text box, and I can shade the box nicely.

Recently my text boxes have become “oversized,” so it looks horrible. I just can’t seem to shrink the underlying text box or increase the image size to fit over the underlying text box.

Pic 4 is a “before” picture with caption. I like this one.
Pic4_rtf.jpg [ 58.69 KiB | Viewed 1312 times ]

Pic 5 is an “after” picture with caption. It has extended borders of the underlying text box on the left (large) and on the right (small).
Pic5_rtf.jpg [ 56.92 KiB | Viewed 1312 times ]

What could I be doing wrong with the inserted caption to the images? How can I get Pic5 to look like Pic4?

Could it be indenting paragraphs or setting some small do-dad incorrectly?

Thanks for looking.

2015-07-27 23:52:20
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The way the command "Add Caption to Image" works is that it basically removes the image as a floating object, and instead puts it as an inline graphic inside a text box. When I try this, the content of the text box is always centered, but you can modify it just the way you would modify any other text. For example you can change the alignment and the indent of your paragraphs inside the box.
For a captioned image, if you adjust the size of the text box, the image will generally adjust to fill the box, up to a point. For example if your picture is 7cm wide, and you add a caption, you will get a box that fits snuggly around the image. If you try to shrink the box, the image size will be adjusted downward to fit the box. But if your try to make the box larger, then you will get extra space around the image. If you want to make the extra space go away you should be able to drag the margins of the box back to the point that they fit snuggly.
However if your text margins in the box have an indent, Nisus will try to maintain that as you try to shrink the box.
Nisus Image Caption.tiff
Nisus Image Caption.tiff [ 32.44 KiB | Viewed 1294 times ]

Assuming that this is the problem, you should try to adjust the margin inside the text box to the left edge of the box. Then you can shrink the box horizontally until the extra space disappears. If this fails try removing the image from the text box, and start over with the caption.
If this kind of thing happens to you often, you should consider what the editing steps are that you are taking to get you to this point. For example make sure to adjust the image to the size and place you want, before adding the caption. I generally use an image editing app to make my images the size I want before using them in Nisus, and I try to avoid adjusting their size in Nisus.


2015-07-29 00:46:26

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Hi Phillip,

Thanks for your quick reply. Something took me away from responding, and I will be trying your suggestions. I'll get back soon enough.


2015-07-30 22:56:54

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Hi Phillip,

I tried your suggestion of moving the caption's margin inside the text box to the left edge of the box. I had modest success. Mostly I had difficulty controlling the jumpiness of the change. It was a lot easier starting from scratch, making sure I made near-final sizing with my external editor before entering Nisus. Yes, avoiding all but small size adjustments in Nisus.

Thanks for taking out the time to point me in the right direction.


2015-08-20 19:53:28
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