Another TOC problem

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Another TOC problem

Post by brsnyder » 2015-08-17 12:54:49

I have created a new TOC format. All I did was choose the Configure Styles for the Default TOC, then clicked New, then gave it a new name. So it should be identical to the Default TOC.

But if I choose the new TOC and then Insert TOC, I get [No entries for this table of contents.] The only time I can actually get a TOC is if I use the default TOC.

What's up, do you think?

I'm on 2.1.1.

Thanks -- Barbara

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Re: Another TOC problem

Post by Þorvarður » 2015-08-18 03:31:23

Barbara wrote:What's up, do you think?
Hello Barbara,

The reason for this is the following. You have created a new TOC style, but you have not marked any text in your document to go with your new style. That's what "No entries for this table of contents" mean.

You can see this if you do the following:

1. Select your Default TOC in Tools > Table of Contents > Default TOC
2. Make sure the Navigator pane is visible by going to View > Navigator > Show Navigator, or go to Tools > Table of Contents > Show TOC in Navigator
3. You should see your table of contents in the Navigator pane
4. Now switch to your new TOC style (in Tools > Table of Contents)
5. Your table of contents in the Navigator will immediately disappear because no text for this TOC has been marked yet.

6. Now mark some text for your new TOC.
7. You will immediately notice that it also appears in the Navigator.
8. Now choose Insert TOC from the Tools > Table of Contents menu, and the text you just marked for your new TOC should be immediately inserted in your document where your cursor is.

In Nisus Writer Pro you can create different types of TOCs and have as many of them as you like, but in order for this to work you must first tell Nisus which parts of your document should go into which TOC.

Did this answer your question?

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