Index Formatting Issues

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Index Formatting Issues

Post by Stef » 2015-08-24 08:50:36


I'm working on creating my first index with Nisus (an index of names) and I'm running into a strange result when the index is inserted and displayed, and I just can't figure out what's going on.

Let's say I have a name in the text such as "Saussure", and adjectives such as "saussurien" & "saussurienne" (the document is in French). All such occurrences should appear in the Index under "Saussure (Ferdinand de)".

Obviously, since the document is very long, and since Nisus is very powerful, rather than going through the file and marking each entry one by one, you can use Power Find to find all such occurrences. I'm following the procedure indicated in the User's Guide, at the bottom of p. 240 (obviously using a modified Power Find search).

However, when I mark the entries this way via Power Find and then insert the Index, I get a strange outcome. Rather than displaying what it should, eg.:

Saussure (Ferdinand de) ….. 214, 216–221, 443

Nisus actually shows a list of some of the names which it has marked for indexing, before displaying the page numbers., eg.:

Saussure (Ferdinand de)


Saussure … 214, 216–221, 443

It's somewhat difficult to explain, so I've attached a PDF showing the crazy output.

If I mark each entry manually, the index will display properly. However, the manual solution will take literally days, whereas the Power Find solution will take much less; moreover, indexing should work by using Power Find (according to the User's Guide).

I just cannot figure out why Nisus is doing this. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Index formatting issue
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Re: Index Formatting Issues

Post by Hamid » 2015-08-24 09:08:27

Use a concordance file to index your document. Please view my posts in these threads for an explanation:

In your concordance file, the one example you gave would look like this:
Saussure Saussure (Ferdinand de)
saussurien Saussure (Ferdinand de)
saussurienne Saussure (Ferdinand de)

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Re: Index Formatting Issues

Post by Stef » 2015-08-25 01:07:58

Thanks, Hamid, for your quick reply and for suggesting the word list & concordance file solution. I've done a few quick tests and, in short, the method you suggest works: the index entries are formatted as they should be.

I can't figure out why using the Power Find method, with the Tools > Index > Index As… option, is unreliable—perhaps there's a bug—but at least there is another, reliable way to get it right. Thanks, again.

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Re: Index Formatting Issues

Post by martin » 2015-10-09 15:56:19

Thanks for describing this problem Stef, and for the sample file. I've been able to reproduce the problem, and I'll file it as a bug to investigate. Thank you!

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