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This issue is not unique to NWP, but it seems I often want to refer to NWP's help which is in PDF form, and I run into a problem.

How can I search in Preview (or any other popular PDF reader) for a precise phrase or for a phrase and a certain word? E.g., I wanted to know if NWP has special treatment for ligatures since one font I was using kept inserting them. I searched for "open type font". Preview finds anything that has any of those words. How can I make it search for all of those words or for "open type" and "font"?

Without being able to search for a whole phrase or string, one gets way too many hits to be useful without a lot of time wasted.


P.S. I did find that by using Cmd-T to get the fonts panel and then selecting the Gear icon and Typography, I could shut off ligatures. But the NWP help didn't help me find that.

NWP Help - search for precise phrase.jpg
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2015-09-04 02:54:17

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G’day, NisusUser et al

If you enclose the whole of a search term in quotation marks, most search engines treat the expression as a single whole. Preview appears to respect this syntax.

If you had searched for “ligature”, you would have got a lot of hits, including one towards the bottom referring you to the entry in the Index for “Remove Ligature Attribute”. Perhaps this is what you were looking for.


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To find a phrase in Preview, use quotations marks.

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In Skim make sure that neither "Whole Words Only" nor "Ignore Case" is enabled. Quotations marks are not required in Skim.

2.png [ 50.71 KiB | Viewed 1046 times ]

By the way, the string "open type" doesn't seem to appear in NWP's Help.

2015-09-04 04:12:22

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Þorvarður wrote:
By the way, the string "open type" doesn't seem to appear in NWP's Help.

I tried the quotation marks with "open type" and didn't get anywhere, then being not-so-creative, I decided that it just couldn't find it – not realizing that it really was not there! So it's all my fault. Seems like I've seen this before.

I do like Skim's defaults for this better, but for some reason I stopped using Skim – I don't recall why, – maybe just because Preview worked. :)

Thanks for helping me out of my mental block!

2015-09-04 04:24:43
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