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Background Color

Posted: 2015-10-08 21:50:04
by zviszir
How do i change the backgraund color of the Document, let's say if i want it to print out with a hellblue background?

Re: Background Color

Posted: 2015-10-09 12:21:57
by martin
We have various options that let you choose the background color in our Appearance preferences. You'll find them near the bottom, under "Customizable colors". Each document view has several options. However, all these colors will not be used for printouts or PDFs; they only appear on screen.

If you really want a background color that appears in printouts, you might use our watermarking feature. That would display on each page without affecting text layout. It would be a little bit of work, but here's what I might suggest:

1. Create an image that's just filled with the solid color you'd like to use. It should be big (roughly the size of a page).
2. In Nisus Writer use the menu Tools > Watermark.
3. In the watermark dialog, select the image you created. You can scale the image to be bigger if needed, so it fills the entire page.
4. Confirm your choice to apply it to all sections in your document.

I hope that helps.