Suppress footer on last page

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Suppress footer on last page

Post by fncll » 2015-10-09 16:43:13

I'm trying to suppress the footer on the last page of a document. I've tried inserting a section break, same page, and choosing the Different Footers and/or the Hidden Footers and no combination seems to work. Either removing the footer from the last page removes the footer from all pages or nothing happens (if I choose Hidden Footers). Suggestions?

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Re: Suppress footer on last page

Post by martin » 2015-10-09 16:55:01

Nisus Writer Pro (NWP) doesn't have an option to suppress or customize the footer for just the last page in a section.

NWP does have options to customize the first page of a section, as you've already discovered. But as you've also seen, a "same page" section break will always use the header/footer from the first section on the page, not the second section. It was recently suggested in another forum thread that we should let the user choose which header/footer to use on pages with a "same page" section break. I'll add your vote to that enhancement request.

To achieve the desired result (no footer on the last page), you'll need to insert a "next page" section break somewhere on the penultimate page. You may then fully customize the headers/footers for the final section, spanning just the last page of your document.

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