Incompatibility of NWP and Sugarsync (+other clouds?)

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Incompatibility of NWP and Sugarsync (+other clouds?)

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My regular workflow involves keeping my active NWP documents in Sugarsync's "magic briefcase," which is essentially a folder that sits on three different computers. Up until 2.07 NWP handled this brilliantly. Every manual save caused the document to sync, and when I opened up a file on another computer even the cursor was in the same place from here I left off.

Unfortunately autosave and versioning in the newest NWP versions do not trigger the sync. This means that any work done on one computer does not show up on the others, even worse sometimes work gets over written.

I had held off on upgrading to the current NWP until there was an option to disable autosave. But since this is feature is now promised in the release notes I did the upgrade, but found that NWP still doesn't work with Sugarsync. (Nor does it work with "Box," another cloud service provided by my university.)

Do I have any options here short of going back to 2.07? I absolutely love NWP. I've written several books on it and have recommended it to countless students. But I fear that this incompatibility will never get sorted out.

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Re: Incompatibility of NWP and Sugarsync (+other clouds?)

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I'm sorry you've had trouble syncing Nisus Writer Pro (NWP) documents using SugarSync. I've actually never used SugarSync myself, but hypothetically there shouldn't be any trouble.

I see from SugarSync's website that it can "Backup ANY folder". When NWP saves a document it simply passes your document data to the system (OSX) which updates the file on disk. NWP isn't doing anything special, and relies on standard OSX document features. I don't know how SugarSync does its magic, but ultimately it's responsible for noticing changes to files on disk to trigger a sync.

I'd recommend that you contact the makers of SugarSync and see what they say on the matter. Since you said that you didn't have troubles with NWP version 2.0.7, you might ask specifically if SugarSync has trouble with apps making use of standard OSX features like sandboxing and document autosave/versioning.

Good luck! I hope you get this sorted out. And if you need, you can always download NWP version 2.0.7 from our version archives.

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