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Re: Adjusting Line spacing between paragraphs, but not text?

Posted: 2016-03-24 17:22:23
by tommyzai
phspaelti wrote: Here would be my suggestions for the two sentences in your sample:
TOUR GUIDE: 皆さん、昼ごはん美味しく召し上がりましたか?
TOUR GUIDE: さあ、今からFilmを見に行きましょう。

Of course in Japanese the word "Film" wouldn't be used here. So the tour guide is using an actual English word for some reason. The Japanese word for film/movie is 映画. The borrowed word フィルム refers to the celluloid stuff you put in analog cameras only.

THANK YOU! No, I didn't pay. I just did a search for the phrases in Japanese. I knew they were probably terrible. Much appreciation! I will try to immortalize your suggestion. Hopefully this collection of lessons will be published someday. ;-)