Small problem with big document

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Small problem with big document

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I am working on an 800 pages text document. It needs on my computer about 2,5 minutes to open it. Therefore I usually didn't close it in evening but let it open until the next day to go on working. But since some weeks this is no more possible. If I enter text the next day I see the spinning wheel for about 10 seconds until the text appears. Then I can input some more text but have to wait again 10 seconds and so on. Therefore I have to close the document, to restart NW Pro and to open the document again, what needs more than 2,5 minutes. After that I can go on working without any problem.

Does anybody has an idea what the reason for that is? Perhaps I can change something in my settings?


MacBook Air 1,7 GHz Intel Core i7 , 8 GB RAM
NisusWriter Pro 2.1.4

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