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line break — how?

Posted: 2016-04-24 17:28:19
by mongpa
The tried and true method of getting a line break used to be:
shift + enter
but that no longer seems to work. Are there still ways in Nisus Writer Pro?

Re: line break — how?

Posted: 2016-04-26 17:12:57
by martin
What text is produced by certain key combinations is mostly controlled by the system (OSX) and your active keyboard layout / input method. I just tested and Shift + Return still produces a soft return character for me, using the US keyboard layout.

Some things to check:
1. Are you pressing Return or Enter? On some keyboards they are different keys and do different things.
2. Did you customize your OSX Cocoa keyboard bindings? That would be unusual, but it's a possibility.

Re: line break — how?

Posted: 2016-04-26 18:40:02
by exegete77
I have found other apps (Mellel, iCalamus) use

Control + Enter

for soft return

Re: line break — how?

Posted: 2016-04-27 02:41:15
by mongpa
I haven't customized my OSX Cocoa keyboard bindings but thanks for that link, Martin. I love keyboard shortcuts and might experiment with it a bit.

I've tried the following keyboard layouts:

ABC Extended
British PC
Canadian English

They all do the same for me:

shift + return: enter full screen

shift + enter: briefly highlight some preceding text in yellow.

However, control + enter (not return) does now give me a line break (soft return). Many thanks to exegete77 for this and also to Martin for helping me eliminate those other possibilities and note the difference using enter instead of return.

There must be something odd about my configuration.

MacBook Pro 17"
2.53 GHz Intel Core i5
Mac OS 10.11.4

Re: line break — how?

Posted: 2016-04-27 11:11:33
by martin
Happy to help, and I'm glad to hear that exegete77's advice gave you a solution.
mongpa wrote:shift + return: enter full screen
This is probably the reason those keys no longer produce a soft return character. As far as I know, the above keyboard shortcut is not standard, and is something you perhaps configured in your OSX system preferences. If so, this custom shortcut to enter full screen would override any potential text input the keyboard combination would produce. I would guess that if you removed this system shortcut, you'd see it restored to inserting soft returns.
I love keyboard shortcuts and might experiment with it a bit.
I'm a big fan myself, though in situations like this, we can see there are a lot of layers: OSX system preferences, the active keyboard input method, Cocoa keyboard bindings, and finally any application specific menu shortcuts. It's not always easy to know why some keyboard combination does a particular thing. And with Nisus Writer there's yet another layer, since we allow the user to assign any keyboard shortcut to any menu.

Anyways, good luck getting it all working the way you'd like :) and let us know if you have any questions or troubles in the future.

Re: line break — how?

Posted: 2016-04-27 16:38:51
by mongpa
No, I don't actually use full-screen except when watching movies and then I stick to the standard control+command+F. I've double-checked and I can't see anything about either full-screen or shift+return in any shortcuts in system preferences. In any case, I wouldn't have a use for one.

Happy to now have a way of getting back what I want. When I don't concentrate, I still revert to my old habit of shift+return, though, and am a bit peeved about Mac OS crashing my party with its full-screen white elephant.