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Bug in 2.1.5?

Posted: 2016-08-31 08:56:16
by lwieder
Just installed 2.1.5; there's a Templates folder in my User/Documents/Nisus Documents/ directory; and another in hard drive/Applications/ NW Files/. The upshot is, Nisus New Document shows up in the File/Open Recent menu, and stays there. Used to be, it would go away when the new document was saved as something. How many Template folders do I need? What about the non-Nisus templates that live in Nisus Documents, and are accessed through the Document Manager?
How to restore rational behavior?
Or maybe it's a feature, new?

Re: Bug in 2.1.5?

Posted: 2016-09-21 14:25:40
by martin
The two template folders you described are not in conflict. The one in your home folder is (presumably) your personal templates folder. The exact location is changeable in your Nisus Writer preferences. By default your templates are stored in your Document Manager folder, whose location is also customizable. However, if you use the "New File" preferences, under the Advanced tab, you can choose to use any file anywhere as a new file template.

The templates folder inside the Nisus Writer .app package is used as a fallback. That is, it contains default templates, before the user has made any changes to their settings. Once you make a change to your new file settings, the template is copied out to your personal templates folder.

I hope that makes some sense. Please let me know if you have any specific questions on how to manage your templates.