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Disappearing endnotes

Posted: 2016-09-14 17:15:13
by mfilmstar
Hi folks,
I am writing a book, using NWP and have recently encountered an unusual problem. I have about 70 pages of text and had (up until this morning) about 70 endnotes. The endnotes have now disappeared. By that I mean the text of the notes (and the note numbers) is no longer visible at the end of the manuscript. The reference numbers are there in the main text and when I highlight them and right click, I can convert them to footnotes and they show up as footnotes, with the full text of each reference there, which means that the text has not been lost. However, when I then highlight either part of the text of the footnote, or the footnote number in the main text, and convert back to an endnote, I cannot see the endnote. If I highlight the number and select 'Go to Note Text', nothing happens? Not sure if anyone can help with this one, and humble apologies if I have missed something really obvious.

Re: Disappearing endnotes

Posted: 2016-09-21 15:02:40
by martin
This sounds like a page layout bug, where your endnote content still exists, but for some reason is not appearing on screen. You might be able to workaround it somehow by tweaking some aspect of your document (eg: sections breaks, formatting, etc), but we'd have to know more to say anything specific.

If you haven't already, please contact us about the matter privately using the menu Help > Send Feedback. If you could send us a copy of your document to look at, that would be helpful. Thank you and sorry about the problem.