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Add basic Project Management Tools

Posted: 2016-10-16 08:46:43
by Bruno
I would very welcome if NWP added some basic project management tools in an upcoming release. NWP has all the required tools to create long and structured documents but lacks project management tools to keep track of the writing progress:
First request: Add a feature with which the user can assign colour labels to the TOC items in the Navigator — the same coloured bullet labels the user can assign to mac OS files and folders. In the document Properties... the user would be able to assign a progress status to the colour labels; e.g. Attention to red, First Draft to blue, Second Draft to purple, and Final Draft to green or whatever the user prefers. A single glance at the coloured TOC items in the Navigator then provides the user with a concise overview of the writing progress.
Second request: Add some special “TOC-Comments”. But what is that? Let’s assume chapter 1 of your precious NWP document is 33 pages long and you would like to have the synopsis, the to do list, or whatever notes you require to write or rewrite chapter 1 right next to chapter 1. Simple, you may think. Add a Comment to the heading CHAPTER 1 and copy these notes into that Comment. But what if you want to refer to your notes in the Comment when you are on page 27? You need to scroll up to page 1 to the heading of CHAPTER 1, check the attached comment and then scroll back to page 27 to continue with your writing. Here the “TOC-Comments” come to the rescue. While the standard Comments are attached to a particular place in the document, the special “TOS-Comments” move freely around in the Note Pane and are always at hand side by side with the cursor in the body of text no matter where you are in your document. The user could switch between the standard Comments and the “TOC-Comments” in the Comment Pane like the user can now switch between the TOC and the Bookmarks in the Navigator Pane.