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Possible Font bug

Posted: 2016-12-23 08:38:26
by Vanceone
So I may have dug up a bug. When you have a document open to the Character palette, where you can change the font of selected: if you install a new font and then try to change text via the dropdown menu, Nisus goes, well, broke, I guess is the appropriate word. Redrawing stops working, and ultimately you have to force quit because while menus, dialogs etc work... they are drawn in such a way you cannot select any options.

If the character palette is not on the screen when you install the font, the redraw problem does not happen. However, I don't think the font menu is updating; or at least it is not showing my new font.

However, you can open the Font book (Command T) and the new font is there, and in fact you can apply the new font. The Character palette then shows that your selected text is in your new font.... but that font is still not displayed in the drop down menu.

Only a restart seems to fix this?

Re: Possible Font bug

Posted: 2016-12-27 13:20:57
by martin
I wasn't able to reproduce the very bad behavior you described, where menus and dialogs are completely broken, but I do see that Nisus Writer doesn't seem to be picking up newly activated/installed fonts. The menus and palettes should list any newly installed fonts, perhaps after a delay, but I wasn't able to observe that. I'll file it as a bug, thank you!