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TOC edit help

Post by chwianhu » 2017-02-03 11:11:31

I’m trying without success to get my active table of contents to display “Title Page” and “Copyright” and “Dedication” and not the actual text they are linked to.

The end purpose of this is to make a Kindle ebook. The reader should see “Title Page” in the TOC and read, once the link is followed, the actual title of the ebook on the Kindle. Same for copyright and dedication.

When I use Edit Link per the Insert menu the displayed text in the file changes: eg my title becomes “TITLE PAGE” in the document.

I can’t figure out how to edit hyperlinks so that the active TOC displays the generic text I prefer instead of the bookmarked, hyperlinked text of my document. BTW the Bookmarks in the Navigator show the generic terms I want.

I didn’t find any answers in your online help forums or the Nisus Pro manual.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: TOC edit help

Post by adryan » 2017-02-04 13:09:14

G’day, chwianhu et al

I haven’t had to do exactly this before, but I had a bit of a play and the following seems to work; others may have different solutions. If it had to be done often enough, I imagine the procedure could be macroized, but in the present circumstances it hardly seems worth the drama.

(1) Create your Table of Contents.

(2) Select some text in your document that is to be referenced in the TOC.

(3) Insert > Bookmarks > Add Bookmark As…

(4) In the dialog box that appears, choose as the Bookmark Name the text you wish to appear in the TOC.

(5) Hit the Add Bookmark button.

(6) With the text in the document still selected, Tools > Table of Contents > Include in TOC > Level [choose]

(7) Click anywhere in the TOC.

(8) Tools > Table of Contents > Rebuild TOC…

(9) In the dialog box that appears, choose the Advanced option, tick all the checkboxes and hit the Update button. (This is what I did, but you may wish to play with those checkbox settings to tailor things to your requirements.)

(10) With the originally selected text from the document now appearing in the TOC, select it in the TOC.

(11) Insert > Cross-reference…

(12) In the dialog box that appears, choose “Bookmark” in the Insert Reference To drop-down menu, choose the desired bookmark name from the list below, choose “Bookmark Name” in the Display Text drop-down menu, tick the “Hyperlink to target when saved as PDF” checkbox and hit the Insert button.

(13) File > Export As PDF…

I hope this helps.

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Re: TOC edit help

Post by chwianhu » 2017-02-07 10:10:36

Adrian, thanks for your detailed instructions. Much appreciated! :)

Unfortunately my end result, a mobi or epub file, still fails to present a TOC with “Title” “Copyright” and “Dedication” and shows the actual title, the full copyright line, and the full dedication.

I was able to get one of the entries in the TOC to go generic in the Nisus file, but when I tried to get the next entry to cooperate, the first change reverted to the original, unwanted text. This happened whenever I rebuilt the TOC.

I did come up with a solution. I tried Calibre, and discovered it has a TOC edit window. Once I exported to epub, it allowed me to edit the TOC entries and change them to generic entries, which successfully appeared in the TOC.

So the upshot is that Nisus will get me 95% of the way along and Calibre will polish up the rough spots.

I also think that any problems I ran into were because of my lack of expertise, not necessarily any shortcoming in Nisus.


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