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mail merge

Posted: 2017-03-30 13:31:33
by credneb
I find this hard to believe, but is NWP actually lacking a mail merge capability?

Pretty sure NW Classic had it, which doesn't mean much. Never needed it before in NWP, and cannot find any reference in the help file. "mail merge" finds nothing, and all "mail" finds refer to e-mail.

Basically, I want to print a few dozen checks, for which the payee, amount, and memo lines may change. With trial and error, I can work out the spacing (this for 3-up business checks) so that the mail merge would sequentially inputs the information in the right fields.



Re: mail merge

Posted: 2017-03-30 14:06:52
by adryan
G’day, Cliff et al

See Page 361 of the Nisus Writer Pro User Guide.


Re: mail merge

Posted: 2017-03-31 08:56:48
by credneb
Ah. Faith restored.

Thanks, Adrian.