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Automatic numbering of figures and pages

Posted: 2017-07-23 12:35:31
by mycroft
I have been away from writing (thus NisusWriter) for some time; now back, and I cannot remember (or perhaps never used) some stuff.
I am now working on what will be a very long, multi-part, image-rich document.
My question about auto-numbering of figures has two parts:

1. As I re-find my way into using Nisus in this document, I have set an automatic numbering list to produce a Table of Figures (numbers and content). In manipulating the images to get my figures the way I wish them on the page, I find the numbering is inconsistent. I have the "continue numbering across document content" box checked for the list style. But sometimes, the numbering starts over with, say Figure 1. when what I am expecting is Figure 14, for example. I am not sure (and not sure how to find out), is how much I am varying the way I am arranging the images and their captions: a. Insert caption, vs. b. inserting a text box and putting the caption in it, or c. having it simply inline, followed by text formatted as caption afterward. Calling out the list style as such works just fine in any case—just the number itself may not be what I expect or hope. The start-over in numbering seems to be with a change in my method of inserting the image and its caption, but I am not sure that's the case. Some images are large, full page, so I think I did Insert caption; some Figures consist of multiple smaller images arranged and grouped in such a way that I want the caption to be narrower and tucked into a logical corner so I may have used a Textbox and grouped it to keep its location; some just inline, and so forth. However, I cannot correct the number, nor can I discover how to restart numbering with the correct number, or other such choices. Suggestions? I haven't gotten so far into this project that I would be too reluctant to start over with a preferred plan, but, of course, I would rather not. But what should be my preferred plan with a document of this type? Or how can I correct the faulty number?

2. I am debating breaking this long multi-part, image-rich document into much smaller chunks so that I can manage each portion (such as chapter) easier. How do I manage the automatic numbering so that I can reassemble into one big project and have numbering, Table of Contents, Table of Figures, possibly even indexing, etc. work correctly? Or should I keep as one big file? I worry as I only accidentally discovered the renumbering when I noticed the total figure number was much lower than I expected, and checked back into the document. As it grows larger, this will be difficult to spot. (The page numbers, however, do seem to have been consistent over a number of section breaks.) I plan to export to PDF.

Perhaps the "small-chunk" or "one long document" discussion belongs in a different query?

(I am retired from textbook layout editing and indexing, and miss my cut-and-paste days right now, I need basic advice.)

Re: Automatic numbering of figures and pages

Posted: 2017-07-24 06:32:37
by phspaelti
Hello mycroft,

I don't think the way you insert the list numbers should matter. If you have it set to continue numbering across document I believe it should do so. I just did a very cursory test and Nisus numbers inline numbers, text boxes, and image captions continuously.
If you select the offending number, do you get an option to "Continue Numbering from Previous"? (You should.)

As to the other question. While it might be good to break the file into smaller chunks when working on it, you really won't be able to use document wide features like TOC or creating indexes, unless you put the whole document into a single file. You could keep the parts of the document in a single folder and then run Kino's macro to join the pieces into a single file when you are ready to create the TOC.

Re: Automatic numbering of figures and pages

Posted: 2017-07-26 18:57:01
by mycroft
Thanks phspaelti,

I did have continuous numbering across doc. set. Attempts to correct the faulty Figure 1 restart did give me the continue numbering from previous, option, but it was grayed out and not selectable. Attempts to correct manually did not succeed. Deleting the entry and re-entering still gave me the Figure 1 restart. I will have to look into this further in the future. Can't right now; husband ill.

Re: Automatic numbering of figures and pages

Posted: 2017-07-27 05:54:19
by phspaelti
Dear MyCroft,
Sorry to hear about your husband.
As to your problem, obviously that option should not be greyed out, and I can't think of any reason why it should be. I would recommend that you send the file to Nisus (via Send Feedback in the Help menu), and explain your problem.
Good luck to you

Re: Automatic numbering of figures and pages

Posted: 2017-07-31 13:14:09
by martin
One possible reason for the unexpected list numbering restarts: changes in list level. Even if you have the same list style applied consistently for all your figure captions, perhaps a stray caption is not configured at the same list level? You can check by selecting a list item and looking at the Lists palette's "Level" field.
level.png (35.14 KiB) Viewed 1731 times
If you still can't figure out the cause of the incorrect numbering, please do send us a copy of your document and we'd be happy to have a look privately. Whenever you have time of course. I hope your husband's illness is not serious, and that he's feeling better.