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So Glad You're Here...

Posted: 2017-09-11 08:28:15
by ScottinPollock
Just wanted to say thanks for keeping this up!

I used Nisus back in the Classic Mac days; was thrilled with its styles management, the clever text file with resource fork formatting, and the macros. I even visited you guys in SB a few times when I worked for Aldus in SD.

Lost track of the app in the early OS X days and moved on to something else... currently using Scrivener for most writing projects, but when PDF ToC are needed most apps are a pain.

I just rediscovered Nisus for a major tech writing project and I am so glad I did. Not plain text based anymore, but the styles management and macros are still in there and the no brainer PDF ToC has made this project a breeze.

Thanks again,


Re: So Glad You're Here...

Posted: 2017-10-02 15:55:50
by martin
That's very kind of you to say Scottin. I'm glad you came back to Nisus Writer and still enjoy using it :)

By the way, we're still (mostly) in Solana Beach, though a bit more inland now.