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Nisus taking over 38GB of RAM

Posted: 2017-11-11 11:20:21
by nev
I was wondering why my RAM was all used up, and saw in the Activity Monitor that Nisus Writer Pro (version 2.1.7 running on macOS version 10.13.1, aka "High Sierra") was using over 38GB of RAM.

I've attached a screenshot.

Any idea why this should be?

Re: Nisus taking over 38GB of RAM

Posted: 2017-11-21 14:34:03
by nostrand
I have been having this problem as well with NisusWriter 2.x as well. For some reason, there is a sporadic memory leak. To make things worse, memory growth appears transient. Sometimes, if I just wait a bit, then the page will typeset and render after which memory usage subsides. However, if memory goes over about 2.0 GB for me, then the situation is pretty much irrecoverable, and I have to gun down Nisus and try again. I believe that there is a memory leak somewhere in NisusWriter Pro 2.x