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Text Box in Nisus Writer Pro

Posted: 2017-12-02 10:47:29
by Treebeard 2910
I'm working with a Nisus Text document and my goal is to place a text box in the document surrounded by an unfilled rectangle as to highlight the text box, so that when I add text above it outside of the text box, both the text box and the rectangle will move down the page maintaining it's relationship to the text outside of the text box.

When I place a rectangle, it is anchored, and it does move as text is entered above it, but the text box does not move. Ideally, I want both of them to be linked and move down the page together when new text is added above them (outside of the text box). Is this possible?
Thanks! :)

Re: Text Box in Nisus Writer Pro

Posted: 2017-12-02 11:53:14
by Vanceone
This is a good task and, thankfully, easily accomplished.

Here's what you do. Don't bother with the rectangle. You don't need it.

Insert your text box. It will come up on the page, with a line to an anchor point that is in your text somewhere. Drag your text box to where you need it, then drag the anchor point to the point or paragraph where you want it to float and move down at. In the placement dropdown in the shape wrap palette (which should have opened automatically) choose "Moves with Paragraph."

That solves the moving text box issue. Now, in the shape stroke palette, assign a stroke other than "none." Now your textbox is outlined and stands apart. You can also add a shadow if you'd like to make it really pop out.

Hope this helps!

Re: Text Box in Nisus Writer Pro

Posted: 2017-12-02 12:44:55
by Treebeard 2910
Thanks much! :):)