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Selectg tab to separate index entry from its reference 
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phspaelti wrote:
things like cutting and pasting the index. I would avoid doing that at all costs. […] Indexes are such complex, delicate things I just wouldn't tamper with them.

I don't understand why that should be a problem. After having printed the document and created a PDF, he should be able to create an index again anytime without hassle, in case he wants to keep it in the document. After all, it takes less than a second to insert an index.
3. Another alternative […] is to put section breaks before and after the index, and then restart the page numbering for the relevant sections. In a pdf output you can probably also move the pages around to get the correct order.

This is probably the best solution. The endnotes are set to be at the End of Document, and it doesn't matter how many sections the document has. After printing, one manually rearranges the page order of the endnotes and the index; and pages in a PDF can be easily moved around. So I think we can consider the OP's problem to be resolved.

I would like to hear from the original poster one last time:
[1] Is he able to profit from the provided solution(s)?
[2] Why does he use endnotes instead of footnotes? I suppose he's working on a book. Did the publisher demand endnotes?

Since the OP is new to Nisus, it might be worth mentioning that in Nisus one can switch from endnotes to footnotes with one mouse click.

2018-01-08 02:17:01

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phspaelti wrote:
One way to arrange endnotes is to attach a list style to the notes themselves.

Thank you Philip for this suggestion. I'll need some time to digest this unconventional approach. :-)
Thank you also for the macro. I haven't been able to look at it closely yet. I will do that later, when I have more time.

2018-01-08 02:22:37

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Thanks Þorvarður, phspaelti, Philip and Hamid. You all know far more than I about options to resolve my dilemma; but I am forging ahead.
Yes, Þorvarður, I have numerous (triple digits...I have not counted them all) "live" books that I am converting to ODF. I use the term "live" because I have been working on these books for the past 30 years, adding info as I learn. The endnotes are extremely valuable as I consider concepts, ideas and connecting dots, but not to the point of interrupting other readers' who are using these books for the first time. Consequently, footnotes are not a viable solution, nor are endnotes at the end of each section, and that volume of Appendices would only add more bulk to the books. Creating PDFs and reorganizing to try to get page numbers and locating the endnotes where they belong (vs. just being able to print off what I have so far and share that with others during the course of the year) ...and going from MS Word to ODF on all of these books is overwhelming to say the least.
I thank you all, and greatly appreciate your suggestions.

2018-01-18 17:21:21
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