Cannot print Landscape

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Cannot print Landscape

Post by dumiya » 2018-01-27 00:41:43

High Sierra. Nisus Pro 2.1.8

In Nisus I can set the page set up to Landscape but when I go to print menu It is in Portrait.
With Word, I have to go through its properties menu page setup then the exported document prints Landscape in Word okay.

This has only happened since I updated to High Sierra.
If I use Nisus with CheapImposter to impose A5 on A4 paper booklet it prints in Portrait instead of Landscape (useless).
If I save the above imposed file as a PDF to preview it will print in Landscape - this is my current work around.

Really annoying. I hope there is a solution.

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Re: Cannot print Landscape

Post by dumiya » 2018-01-30 17:22:31

Well it is good to answer my own question :)

The problem lies in High Sierra.
It appears that a number of applications that are having Landscape print problems.
Something similar happed about 10 years ago with a OS update that created Indesign problems .
There are several work arounds, the suggested on if deleting and add the printer and using default actually reduces the A5 as if for US letter.
Saving as imposed PDF and printing through Preview works best with the A5 retaining its place on the printed A4 page.

Ah Well, Good to know it is not Nisus

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Re: Cannot print Landscape

Post by adryan » 2018-01-31 01:01:51

G’day (from the other side of Australia), dumiya et al

I didn’t reply to this question earlier because I don’t use High Sierra (and you’ve given me yet another reason not to upgrade to it). I can only say that I have found no problem with landscape printing with Nisus Writer Pro under Sierra.

But it occurs to me that one should nevertheless consider all the links in the chain; viz, computer, operating system, word processor, other applications, printer.

I wonder whether you have the latest versions of all the software in the chain, including the printer driver — making sure that they are all suitable for use with High Sierra.

Just a thought.

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