Text-wrapping graphic on every page

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Martin S Taylor
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Text-wrapping graphic on every page

Post by Martin S Taylor » 2018-10-08 02:45:17

Is there a way to put a graphic automatically on every page? My headed notepaper has a large graphic in the top right-hand corner, and it would be nice if I could automatically have text excluded from that area of each page.

(Nisus comes close: I can do this in the header/footer area, but then I can't type alongside it; or I can set the graphic as a watermark, but then text doesn't flow round it.)

In Pages '09 I could include a graphic on a Master Page, which did what I need very neatly. But now Pages '09 is discontinued (and won't work under Mojave) and I'm looking for a replacement. This is the one big feature which I can't find in any other WP. Does Nisus have it? Would you consider implementing it in the future?


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Re: Text-wrapping graphic on every page

Post by martin » 2018-10-08 07:28:28

You might be able to achieve the desired effect in Nisus Writer Pro, but it depends on exactly what text you need to wrap around your graphic. The key question is whether this ubiquitous graphic needs to have all text wrap around it, or just other header text.

As you know Nisus Writer does allow you to wrap text around graphics. And if you want a graphic to display on every page, you can insert it into any header area. So, to have an image show on every page and wrap text around it, just place your graphic into a header and set it so text wraps around it. The only caveat: only other header text will wrap around this graphic; regular body text will not wrap around your header graphic.

Does that help? Or do you need all text (including main body text) to wrap around this header graphic?

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