"Space Before" ignored on top of the page

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"Space Before" ignored on top of the page

Post by elgarak »

It seems that the setting for "Space Above" is ignored if the paragraph happens to come at the top of the page. From what I gleaned reading the forums, this is intended behavior.

Would it be possible to make this optional for certain paragraph styles? In particular paragraph styles that should come with "Forced Breaks" before them, like chapter headings. It's very common standard to have those a bit down the page compared to normal paragraphs. The current workarounds (like inserting an empty "spacer paragraph") are rather inelegant, and frankly hurtful when the paragraphs end up not on top of the page anymore while editing.

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Re: "Space Before" ignored on top of the page

Post by martin »

You are correct that currently paragraph "above spacing" is ignored at the top of the page. This is intentional, at least as far as the Apple text system is concerned, which Nisus Writer leverages.

I'll add your vote to our existing enhancement request. We have had other users ask for this feature, so it's definitely something we'll consider. Thanks!

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