slow open dialog in 3.0

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slow open dialog in 3.0

Post by Derick »

With NWP 3.0, using the file open dialog results in a beach ball for a second or two, then when the window appears, its contents are greyed out for a fraction of a second. And when I close the dialog there's also a delay as the file display area of the window turns grey before closing. All with High Sierra 10.13.6 on a Late 2016 MBP.

I don't remember any of this with NWP 2.

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Re: slow open dialog in 3.0

Post by martin »

That sounds like a Mac system problem. Nisus Writer really doesn't have much control over the open file dialog. It's specifically locked down by Apple for security reasons (to implement app sandboxing). Nisus Writer only provides some of the ancillary options.

That said there might be some factor specific to Nisus Writer at work here. It's always hard to make definitive statements when it comes to software. Could you check and see if another sandboxed app has the same trouble on your Mac? You could test using Apple Pages or even the humble TextEdit.

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