Sudden reversion to Polish

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Sudden reversion to Polish

Post by hershl »

Suddenly and for no apparent reason, the entire application Nisus Writer Pro has become Polish. While I can type in English, everything else appears in Polish. HELP!!

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Re: Sudden reversion to Polish

Post by MacSailor » ... l=pl&tl=en

Have you tried to reinstall the NWP? Or even better, tried to change it back to English with the help of the Preferences - Languages - Interface Languages (menus, dialogs, etc)? Sorry, I do not know the exact words in Polish, but through the help of Google Translate I got this: Preferencje - Języki - Języki interfejsu (menu, dialogi itp.) Hope it helps you a little bit.
Peter Edwardsson

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Re: Sudden reversion to Polish

Post by martin »

As Peter said, it sounds like you're using version 2.x and accidentally changed your Language preferences so the "Interface Language" is now Polish. You'll want to change it back to English, then quit and relaunch Nisus Writer:
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