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Why can't I use all my old fonts?

Posted: 2008-06-13 23:49:50
by dave
While Nisus Writer Pro should continue to use the old OS 9.x (Classic) fonts, Apple has changed the way it handles fonts. We suggest you read about it all on the Apple Web site.

What is Font Book?

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Mac OS X has multiple Fonts folders. Where you install a font determines when and who can use it.

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In particular what many have experienced is the fact that certain fonts (that is "Families" do not have all the (what we used to call "styles", but, are now called "Typefaces" or "Options".

If you want to use the Symbol font for Greek (i.e. mathematical) characters, in OS X you need to use the Greek input method which will automatically select the Greek range of Lucida Grande (or a similar Unicode font that has the appropriate characters).