How do I change the spelling dictionary?

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How do I change the spelling dictionary?

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To Change the Spelling Dictionary:
Spelling dictionaries in Nisus Writer are changed automatically based on the language applied to your text, so to change the spelling dictionary you will need to change the language. Nisus Writer treats languages like other text formatting (eg: fonts), so once your text has the proper language(s) applied, Nisus Writer will automatically switch between spelling dictionaries as needed.

To change the language, select your text (or style) and use the menu "Format > Language", or one of the many other language controls. If you find that changing the language of your text still uses the wrong spelling dictionary, you may need to configure your language preferences so it enforces the desired spelling dictionary.

What Spelling Dictionaries Are Supported?
Nisus Writer supports many spelling dictionaries: all those supported by Apple/OSX. If you install a new spelling dictionary for OSX, just restart Nisus Writer and it should automatically appear in Nisus Writer's language preferences.

How Do I Install Additional Spelling Dictionaries?
Please see this FAQ for more on how to install dictionaries.
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