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Can I use MathType equations with Nisus Writer?

Posted: 2016-11-03 10:44:18
by martin
The short answer is that yes, MathType and Nisus Writer work together to provide a convenient equation editing experience.

How do I insert an equation into my Nisus Writer document?
1. Create your equation in MathType; select and copy it.
2. Switch to Nisus Writer and paste the equation into your text.

The equation will be pasted as an inline image, matching the text baseline automatically.
The equation image should be a high quality PDF which always appears sharp, even at high zooms and in printouts.
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How do I edit an equation previously inserted into a Nisus Writer document?
There are two ways you can update a previously inserted equation. Unfortunately one of the following methods doesn't work with certain versions of MathType due to technical issues.

The following steps should always work, no matter which version of MathType you are using:

1. Select the equation in your Nisus Writer document and copy it.
2. Switch to MathType and paste the equation. Edit the equation as desired and then re-copy it.
3. Switch back to Nisus Writer and paste the updated equation.

Some versions of MathType will allow the following (more convenient) workflow:

1. Double-click the equation in your Nisus Writer document.
2. The equation should open in MathType, where you can edit it.
3. Once you're done editing, save the equation. The equation should be updated automatically inside Nisus Writer. There's no need to copy-paste it again.