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I 've been stuck in a time-warp in that i've been using Nisus Writer v5.1, which came with a then new PowerCenter Pro 180, back in the day. I became executor of an Estate and therefore kept all my correspondence files on the 180 and the Estate is still open, thanks to the real estate crash. Anyways it's time to move on to an upgrade which is an iMac with version 10.9 system but I need to figure out how to upgrade Nisus so I can somehow transfer all my Estate files to the new iMac. When I do a search for Nisus for Apple system 10.9 all I get is "No match" Is that correct or is there a way? Thank you for any help you might provide.

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Re: Upgrade

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Getting all of those old files moved over to a modern system and file format can be thorny, but here are some tips:

- What was then called just "Nisus Writer" on the pre-OSX Mac OS (eg: Mac OS 9) is now referred to as Nisus Writer Classic.
- The files saved by Nisus Writer Classic can be imported using Nisus Writer Express and Nisus Writer Pro. Once that's done, you can resave the files using RTF or another modern file format.
- Before you move your old Nisus Writer Classic files to any Mac running OSX, you need to compress/archive/zip them. That old Nisus file format made extensive use of something called the "resource fork". It stores all the formatting information for your text, as well as graphics and other important things. If that fork is not intact, your files will revert to plain text.
- If your old Classic files made use of fonts with non-standard text encodings, you may need to fix the text after you import it into Nisus Writer Pro.

I hope that helps. Let us know if you have any questions– good luck!

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