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Is Nisus compatible with WordFast program?

Posted: 2016-03-30 07:26:37
by gwaltonprice
I am an Arabic instructor, and I love the way Nisus handles all of my Arabic word-processing needs. Now I am looking into translation work, and I wonder if Nisus is compatible with WordFast, a memory tool widely used by translators of many languages. I am told that it is necessary to work with Word. I have Word on my computer, but have found it unsatisfactory for word-processing Arabic! That is why I got the Nisus Writer Pro to begin with. Has anyone had experience using WordFast with Nisus? Is it even possible? Thank you! :)

Re: Is Nisus compatible with WordFast program?

Posted: 2016-05-14 07:16:47
by ptram
In the past, WordFast used to be written in Word's macro languages, and depended on Microsoft's wordprocessor. The current version should be totally independant from the wordprocessor, and also runs under Mac.

Some of my collaborators rely on it, and are very happy of the results (as I am of what I receive from them).