Vanishing software: what happened to Ember?
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Author:  David Sharp [ 2017-01-24 01:24:37 ]
Post subject:  Vanishing software: what happened to Ember?

For several years I've been using the Ember image-clipping program for Mac (previously known as LittleSnapper) almost daily.
However just now when I wanted to consult the support, I was sent to an error message on the website of the company responsible for it, RealMac ( ).

A search on the RealMac website shows no announcement whatsoever about the ending of support for Ember. A couple of users on their forum have complained about that (one refers to having a "graveyard" of dropped RealMac licenses), but the company has not deigned to reply to any of them.
The company seems to have simply zapped the product from its site, and I can find no trace of anyone else taking it over. It has also vanished from the App Store.

I find this situation disconcerting to say the least: Does anyone know what happened to it?
If it's become orphan software, should I keep using it, or is there another product onto which I should transfer my files?

Author:  Hamid [ 2017-01-24 06:10:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Vanishing software: what happened to Ember?

From Realmac Blog: ... ct-roadmap

Author:  David Sharp [ 2017-01-24 08:25:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Vanishing software: what happened to Ember?

Many thanks for that, Hamid. It sure doesn't jump out at you when you look at their site.

As I've always avoided cloud-based services, and only use the software on one machine, I've never encountered any of the problems they mention.

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