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thesaurus on the side not working

Posted: 2005-04-13 15:39:02
by lindalinda
Hi I'm trying to get used to my new Nisus Writer Express 2.1.1. Before I had 6.0.3 I believe. I almost never use spellcheck but I use the thesaurus a lot. My coworker said he has a little window on the side that gives him thesaurus suggestions as he types.

I have a little window that says Spelling/Thesaurus but it doesn't work. There is a tab that says Language, then it says English (US) in a pulldown box, then says Spelling/Thesaurus: over a box that says "No Suggestions" in gray. The word my cursor is on is also in gray in a box below that. There is a button that says "Forget" and a grayed out button that says "Use."

No matter how I highlight the word or what I click on, I get "No Suggestions." These are words that have synonyms (words like "choice"). My friend's would have a lot of suggestions in his box. When I selected "Check Spelling as You Type" in the Edit > Spelling menu, the box becomes active with spelling choices (when the word is misspelled). But I have no problem spelling and I don't want to check spelling as I type.

I do have an application called Nisus Thesaurus that opens in another window (inconvenient) and it takes forever to give suggestions.

How do I get that box to work as a thesaurus? My computer guy says he has no idea.

Posted: 2005-09-03 04:15:47
by Brother Mugga
I have encountered exactly the same problem using 2.1.3. The Thesaurus has just stopped working for no apparent reason. Re-launching and even re-starting have no effect. It's very annoying, as the rapidity of the Thesaurus is a key reason for using Writer.

Any ideas? I've looked through preferences and so on, but couldn't see anything. The little red Thesaurus book has also vanished from the bottom of the panel.


Brother Mugga

thesaurus sidebar

Posted: 2005-10-04 18:15:51
by rickl
Me, too! This was a killer feature for me.

Posted: 2005-10-05 11:00:36
by martin
Please make sure that Nisus Thesaurus resides in the main Applications folder (eg: path should be "/Applications"). Once you've moved it there you may need to log back out and restart Nisus Writer Express.

Another possible explanation: be sure that the thesaurus is enabled for the language you are writing in. You can configure that in the Language preference pane in Nisus Writer Express.

Thesaurus in Tool Bar Not Working

Posted: 2006-06-14 04:00:31
by John McCreery
Have tried making sure that both Nisus Express and Nisus Thesaurus are in the /applications path and restarted my Mac Mini. Still thesaurus doesn't work the way it did just after I downloaded the demo version of the programs. Have checked Language preferences but don't see any obvious way to toggle Thesaurus on and off.

What next?

Thesaurus has died

Posted: 2007-11-15 20:06:46
by Gavin Frew
I had no trouble with the thesaurus until I upgraded to OSX 10.5/Nisus 3.01, but now it has ceased to work. I simply get the 'no suggestions' message. Is this a bug in the beta version? I hope so and that you get it sorted out soon.

Posted: 2007-11-16 15:04:51
by martin
Gavin contacted us via email and it turns out he was just using an older, incompatible version. Nisus Thesaurus runs on Leopard just fine.