Count the number of replaced expressions

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Count the number of replaced expressions

Post by dakofi » 2003-02-07 08:25:27


I'm using Nisus Writer and the macro language.

I've a small question:

How can I get the number of replaced expressions replaced with the 'search and replace' function (s&r). The s&r function displays the number of found and replaced expressions in a message box. How can I get this number. I'm using a macro and I need this value to control the macro flow.
Or is there an other possibility to count the number of the same expression in one paragraph.

Thanks for your help.

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Count the number of replaced expressions

Post by rmark » 2003-02-11 10:59:13

There is a command in Nisus Programming Dialect called "NumFound"

For example, the three line macro:

Find All "^.+" "g"
Clipboard="There are "=NumFound+" Paragraphs in this document"
:1 '\CC'

will display the number found on the Clipboard.

Try that.
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