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move arabic text fom Nisus 6.5 to InDesign CS ME

Posted: 2005-11-01 13:54:54
by Nikolaus Weichselbaumer
Hello Forum!

My Problem is the following one.

I am typesetting an arabic text with a lot of footnotes, that was originally produced in NISUS 6.5. I am working with InDesign CS ME and I cant't find a way to merge the text properly and with footnotes to InDesign. Via .rtf the text is complete and with foonotes, but corrupted (lots of strange glyphs). If I place the NISUS-document directly in InDesign I can mark it as Arabic (MAC) and the text is placed correctly, but without any trace left of the foonotes.

Both alternatives are quite unsatisfying.

Is there any alterative way to merge the text?

Thank you!


Posted: 2005-11-02 00:09:51
by Ooshima
Hello Nikolaus!

I think you have to use Indesign CS 2! Only in this version is the function of footnote import inserted.



Posted: 2005-11-03 03:51:03
by Nikolaus Weichselbaumer
Hello Ooshima

If there would already be a ME (middle east) version of CS2, that can deal with arabic, I would surely use it, but unfortunately CS2 ME isn't out yet and I have to use my old CS ME.

Anyway, I believe the problem is somewhere else. It's not about managing footnotes in InDesign, wich is dreadful in CS and quite nice in CS2, but about a way to get the footnotes into InDesign. In CS they are - if imported - placed at the very end of the story and the reference numbers in the text are kept. both is not the case here.

Or ist only CS2 able to import NISUS documents with footnotes? *afraid*