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Author:  MacMitch [ 2006-01-27 15:46:32 ]
Post subject:  Nissus Email

I am assuming that Nisus Email is a dead product. Posts I have read here and the fact that there apparently has been no update since 2002 are my reasons for making that assumption.

I still have Nisus Email on my machine. I thought I bought the product but maybe not. I think it went boom on me the last time I tried to use it and I have been afraid to run it for a long time. My guess is the product is not functioning with current versions of the Mac OS. I imagine I should remove it from my system. I have had problems in the past when I just dropped a software product in the trash to get rid of it though.

I would like to make sure that this is a dead, unsupported product and then make sure I know a safe way to remove it. Any information on this topic would be appreciated.

Author:  mouthyorange [ 2006-01-31 09:30:23 ]
Post subject:  Nissus Email

I'd argue that Nisus Email isn't dead -- it just lasts and lasts. Thinking that I should "move forward", I've tried switching to (Apple) Mail or other programmes, but always quickly came back. Nisus Email is once again my favourite mailer, going into 2006, and the features it offers, not to mention its genuinely user-friendly interface (a Nisus hallmark) outweigh gimmicky things it doesn't do, such as handle HTML formats. I hate seeing HTML in email, anyway. 'Though Nisus apparently hasn't tinkered with it for awhile, like other users in these fora I'd love it if they would smooth out just a few things with it, and I'd be happy. Like getting rid of that pesky "has quit unexpectedly" message. Being able to re-order the filter list in the drop-down menu would be great, too. But I'm using it anyway. Can't beat how well it integrates with other applications, and the fact that its e-mails are written in a format accessible to ordinary word processors! I won't trade that away.

If you want to keep going with Nisus Email, download it again from their webpage to be sure you've got the OS X version. If you've been running the classic version on OS X, that could be the cause of some of your problems. But, in any case, it can be a good idea to reinstall just about anything after 4-5 years!

If you want to switch to another mailer, Nisus Email is easy to remove from your HD. Just trash it. I've done it several times for various reasons, and suffered no repercussions. Ease of integration with or separation from one's larger system is one of the many great things about it.

Good luck!

Author:  MacMitch [ 2006-02-06 16:51:33 ]
Post subject: 

Thanks for that information. So people are still using it, maybe I will try reloading it. Like you said it is a cool unique product & I do miss using it.

Author:  mouthyorange [ 2006-02-06 17:01:09 ]
Post subject:  Nissus Email

I WISH the Nisus folks would just tidy up a few things about it so that it would run a little more smoothly on OS X, and then give it back to us otherwise as is! I'd be THRILLED for that little gift! Are you listening, Nisus folks? I'm not the only one who still prefers Nisus Email over anything else!

Author:  Shenzi [ 2006-04-18 01:55:20 ]
Post subject: 

Just to join in - I'm also still using Nisus Email and wouldn't willingly go back to OS X Mail. I've just got a new machine and am hoping it will run on OS X.4.

Meanwhile, does anyone here know if you can re-order the personalities in the drop down menu, to change the order in which email accounts are accessed?

And a plea to Nisus - please develop this a little further. It is so nearly perfect and just needs a few wrinkles ironing out. Failing that, open it up and let the open source community refine it.

Author:  mouthyorange [ 2006-04-18 09:31:52 ]
Post subject:  Nissus Email

Shenzi wrote:
Meanwhile, does anyone here know if you can re-order the personalities in the drop down menu, to change the order in which email accounts are accessed?

You might be able to do it in a similar way to how someone (somewhere) once said how to rearrange your email folder names under the Emails menu.

Find your Nisus Email Files folder. Mine was like this: (My) Home/Documents/Nisus Email/Nisus Email Files. Find the Personalities document, and before you do another thing, MAKE A DUPLICATE and set it aside, in case you can't get the one you'll be tampering with to work properly.

Now, double-click on Personalities. It'll open in a word processor; mine opened in Nisus Writer Express. Or go into NWE and open it from there.

To rearrange things the way you want them, I'd try selecting ALL the lines of info concerning a given personality, making sure not to include extra spaces or lines (paragraph returns) before or after it -- select it EXACTLY as it is. But I'd include the paragraph return at the end of the last line. Cut. Decide where you want it in the order of things, and figure out where to put your cursor so that when you paste it starts in exactly the position the one you're bumping starts in. Paste. Then select the one you're bumping, same way, starting with its first character and making your last character the paragraph return at the end of its last line. Etcetera, until you've got 'em all where you want 'em.

When you're arranged the way you want, I'd check with your Personalities Copy document to make sure the line spacing between each personality's info and the asterisks or whatever there is above and below them matches the original spacing. Then set the copy aside again. Close Personalities and re-boot Nisus Email and see what happens.

If things aren't working properly, go back into Personalities and tinker some more. I'd guess there's something invisible that is displacing things, like an extra or missing space character before or after a line or an extra or missing paragraph return. If you can't figure out what's wrong, dump that document and change the name of Personalities Copy to Personalities (the original name). (Whichever one you use in the end, make sure it's called "Personalities", exactly like the original, and that it still lives in the Nisus Email Files folder.)

In case you also want to try this, it's a little different for rearranging the folders under the Email menu. They're also in Nisus Email Files in the document called Email Filters. After opening this, one needs to change the numbers assigned to each filter's information (obvious when you look), and I think also to move the entire filter's information along with its number to where you want it to be, so that numbers (and the information they correspond to) are still in order. If you do this, make sure to change the numbers of everything that follows the one you moved so that everything corresponds and flows in numerical order!

Good luck!

Author:  Shenzi [ 2006-04-19 07:33:13 ]
Post subject: 

Thanks for that - I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on.

Author:  DavidG [ 2006-06-11 09:27:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Nisus Email

You might be able to do it in a similar way to how someone (somewhere) once said how to rearrange your email folder names under the Emails menu.

Thanks for this tip. It does require careful cutting and pasting but does work.


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