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Posted: 2006-07-31 16:16:14
by Candace
Now can you tell me why when I'm in Nisus Classic and I go to Save, it doesn't show all my file and documents? Could that be because the person who transferred the files into this new computer put them all into a folder on the dock, so Nisus doesn't see them?
I've no clue what's going on here. However, what you see with that folder in the Dock is simply an alias to the file on your hard drive. What happens when you click your mouse and hold the button down when pointing to the folder in the Dock and you choose (from the menu that appears) "Show in Finder"?[/quote]

The documents show up in the Finder just fine. But the "Save As" dialogue with Nisus Classic does not show any documents at all. In OS X, saving from NWE, all is fine. Maybe I will just to save to the desktop, then move to the Finder once I'm out of Nisus Classic -- but of course, that's a bit of a pain.

One more mystery - document in Nisus Classic is set at exact same font, size, margins, gutter as in NWE - but in NWE, doesn't have the same page breaks (or even line breaks). Is that just a mystery of the transfer, and I should just be grateful that it opens so well at all?

Also - and maybe this isn't the right place to put this - a search in NWE help for "setting margins" yields nothing. Same for searching the forum. Might be helpful to make that info more accessible. (I've found the margins in the section area, but it was just luck). Thx.