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What does the "Forget" button do?

Posted: 2006-06-26 03:03:34
by Patrick J

I'm using Nisus Thesaurus with Nisus Writer Express and of course there is the window in the “Tools” thingmy. As I write the window comes up with a continuous stream of suggestions for alternative words. It’s very cool indeed and I really like it.


What does the “Forget” button do? The “Use” button swaps the word I’ve just written for a selected alternative, but I can’t work out what the “Forget” button is for.

As an additional comment, the Nisus Thesaurus used as an application on its own is rather excellent, all those columns and being able to go “more general” or “similar”; it’s very Nisus that approach I think.

Posted: 2006-06-26 11:46:21
by martin
Patrick, the Forget button is for spellchecking purposes. Basically it allows you to unlearn a word. I should point out that the button may not have any effect, depending on the spellchecker you are using. Most spellcheckers do not allow you to forget words that are built-in to the dictionary. Eg: to forget a word you must have previously used the Learn button.

Thank you

Posted: 2006-06-27 11:19:59
by Patrick J
Thank you Martin.

I'm new to this OS X business having got a new Intel iMac a couple of weeks ago. In fact after I posted the question I worked this one out.

I am enjoying Nisus Writer Express, I had used Nisus Writer Classic a lot on my previous Macs and found it to be quite superb.

I'm reassured to read that the spell checker won't "forget" words in the built in dictionary. I know this is the OS X spell checker and one complaint I have about this is that the interface is too simplistic. I'm writing now about the interface that you get when you go to "Spelling" submenu in any Cocoa application.

What I'd like is the ability to see the contents of the "user dictionary".

I know that I can do this in a crude way, it's in "Spelling" folder of the "Library" but opening this in Nisus Writer Express or TextEdit is rather crude, it shows an unbroken list of words seperated by a gremlin like character.

What would have been good would be a proper interface for editing the user dictionary where words can be added and removed and edited.

Having said that a global dictionary is a very good thing to have.