OS9 Japanese Files to Tiger Problems

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OS9 Japanese Files to Tiger Problems

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I am sorry if this has already been covered, but I could not find an answer through a search. I have a large number of files created with Nisuswriter and Lite that are written in Japanese. When I try to open them with NWE they are just garbled, even when I manually change to a Japanese font and set the language (my old surefire ways). These seems to happen with Word files that have Japanese in them, so it is perhaps not a Nisus specific problem. But could you tell me what to do or lead me to a resource on this subject if you know of one? If NSE can do it for me, I am officially converted back after straying to the awful MSW. Thanks!

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I apologize for the dreadful delay.

Please send a sample file or two to <support@nisus.com> to my attention with an explanation of what seems to be happening. We'll look into the matter and get back to directly.
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My wife is having the same problem

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My wife is having the same problem. Would you kindly post your suggestions for all to see?


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