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multi language question

Posted: 2003-04-10 07:13:04
by Scott_R
Hello. I have not yet used Nisus Writer (esp. since the older, free version wouldn't be compatible with my Appletalk enabled system), and I had a question regarding whether it would be able to do a particular function I need.
Regarding the Classic version, is it possible to have simultaneous left/right pages, in different languages? That is, I want one side to be a non-English language, and a facing page to be the English translation. I'd rather not do this with separate documents, since it's harder to edit and make sure that the translated lines match up, and printing would then be tricky (I'd like to be able to print on legal sized paper and fold it in half). Of course, language "A" would have to flow only to odd-numbered pages, and language "B" to even ones.


and further...

Posted: 2003-04-11 08:09:38
by Scott_R
I downloaded the manual, and perusing through it, I couldn't find a way to do the above...
Further, the manual says nothing about being able to suppress line numbering for particular pages (e.g., a title/contents page). Possible?