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keyboard/language problems

Posted: 2006-11-15 12:35:46
by Matze

somehow I've changed the language settings in NW (Classic under OS X Tiger 10.4.8 ), when I tried to adjust a shortcut to Sleep for the whole system (via X systemprefs). In NW I then hit the shortcut (COM.OPT-CTRL R), which didn't make the Mac asleep but changed NWs keyboard settings from german to american english (no more ä, ü, ö but ;, and ] )

I checked the prefs (language) and the language settings in style menu, but no changes. I did even check the language settings in OS9 (Classic) but the keyboard stays american (only in NW, not in OS X programms)

What have I done and what do I have to do to change it again?

Thanks for help, Matze