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LF in file, Qued/M 2.6 vs 3.03

Posted: 2006-12-12 11:52:28
by aseriesguy
I am currently using Qued/M in OS X Classic to do COBOL editing, most of which ends up on a Windows PC for compiling and execution. For ver 2.6 I have 2 macros, Add-LF and Rem-LF which add/remove that extra LF needed by Windows. After executing either one the save of the file is immediate.

Using Rem-LF with 3.03, nothing has changed. However, using Add-LF and then saving takes forever regardless of the Convert Line Breaks setting!! I may or may not have a good display afterwards. Things seem to be worse when Convert Line Breaks is turned on. Is there a fix for this? Is there a better way to keep the files in Macintosh format and then saving in DOS format with the LFs?

I followed the manual's instructions for Convert Line Feed, but opening my 32,000 line files with a LF takes forever as well as saving it. My simple Regular Expression macros do the same thing in a tenth of the time or better.