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I don't use NisusEmail these days...

Posted: 2003-04-28 01:23:50
by hakohugu
I like NisusWriter and then I tried to use NisusEmail.
But I do not use that program these days.

One of the major reason is ....
the personal setting is not able to handle Japanese characters.

I tried to set the names for my friends in Japanese in the setting window, but I could not show it correct characters in the contact address window(?) until now.
The list window for the mails are also Roman-character oriented, I suppose.
(The font setting is not fit for Japanese characters).

I like Nisus products because they are multi-linguistic products for a long time.
But I suppose NisusEmail-1.6 is not at the level ....

Is it my wrong impression?
Does somebody use NisusEmail in 2-byte characters??
Please let me knowo your impression.