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Nisus Writer can't open WordSmith PDA files

Posted: 2003-05-04 04:33:31
by bill2003
I use Nisus Writer 4.1.6 on a PowerBook G3 that has an 8.6 Mac OS. I do a lot of writing with a Visor PDA that has a Palm 3.0.1H OS using the WordSmith 2.10 word processor for the PDA.

I transfer all my WordSmith created files to my PowerBook using a hotsync operation between the PowerBook and the PDA. The WordSmith manual states you can open files created on the PDA with any word processor that can open RTF files. Nisus Writer can open RTF files, but it has not been able to open any of the files I create on the PDA with the WordSmith word processor. Every time I try to open the PDA file within the WordSmith window on my laptop I get a message window saying that it cannot open the file because it cannot find the Microsoft Word program that created it. If I try to open the PDA file from within the Nisus Writer program, Nisus Writer cannot even see the file. Nisus Writer simply fails to recognize the PDA file as a file.

Is there anyone out there that can suggest how my Nisus Writer can open my PDA files created with WordSmith?