Converting a book manuscript to PDF

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Converting a book manuscript to PDF

Post by chrizmoore » 2003-05-06 21:27:56

I have finished the writing and layout of a 200-page book and am researching products necessary to convert it to PDF for the printer (company, not inkjet). Unfortunately, most software products assume the use of word processors other than NW. Is Adobe Acrobat all that's needed? I've also read about Enfocus Instant PDF, which I have even found bundled with Acrobat, so apparently they aren't considered redundant. An editor friend mentioned needing an Acrobat distiller, but she has never heard of NW and isn't sure what all I need. I'm using NW 6.0.1 on OS 8.6. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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Post by tarlan » 2003-07-29 02:32:30

same story here. I am using OS 9.2 and need to transfer a book written in Arabic into PDF format.

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Post by MacUnix » 2003-07-30 00:16:02

Adobe Acrobat normally installs an extra printer on your system that can be used for generating a pdf file of your document.
From about Instant PDF :
[quote]The Enfocus Instant PDF plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® closes the loop of a full PDF workflow, from creation to production. With the Certified PDF® technology and the Enfocus PDF Profile integrated in the software you create flawless PDFs with confidence. Whether it is to feed your pre-press workflow or to deliver to your printer, publisher or pre-press house, Instant PDF gives you complete control over the PDF creation process.

Instant PDF is an indispensable workflow tool for PDF creation & certification. You can easily set up several “print queues”, accessible from within any application. Each of these “print queues” provides Adobe® Acrobat® Distiller™ with the correct settings for quick and perfect PDF creation. After the file is created, Instant PDF preflights the PDF using the PDF Profile defined in the “print queue”. You’ll receive immediate feedback on the preflight status of the document.

The integration with helps you make high quality PDFs according to the latest, up-to-date PDF specifications. If the PDF is certified, you can enter job info and even define where you want to send the file; to a folder on your disk, an email recipient and/or an FTP site. Anyone who creates PDFs will get a head start on flawless delivery as well as benefit from clear communication by using Enfocus Instant PDF at every step in the workflow process.[/quote]

Acrobat 6 only works in OS X according to the sysstem requirements.

Hope this helps.

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Re: NW -> PDF

Post by demoulin » 2003-09-15 22:24:30

There are some sharewares like "PrintToPDF" which I use to convert some of my NW6.0 documents to PDF, but I do not know if this pgm is able to handle a huge book: my documents are max of 20 pages.
Acrobat Distiller is the solution, but it costs.
Another solution (if this export is only a one shot export) will be to find a friend who has a pgm like FrameMaker or PageMaker (which comes with a built-in PDF export ..well, they are both from Adobe) and will accept to import your document, correct the layout and then print it

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