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traditional Chinese and MAC OS X.3

Posted: 2004-05-14 06:45:22
by Hans
Recently I bought an Imac, system 10.3.2. Now I try to use Nisus as I did before. The old Nisus 5.0.3 does work but the cursor always jumps back behind the new character which means that the system actually writes from right to left (but beginning on the left side). This is very cumbersome although I am happy that I fortunately still can use traditional Chinese. Even worse is Nisus 6.5.1 which I downloaded yesterday. Whenever I click on traditional Chinese, there is a bomb and Classic has to restart. The same happened with an older version of Nisus 6. What can I do? Twice I managed to write some characters before the system crashed again. So I could see that the problem of writing in the reverse direction was fixed. There is no problem whatsoever with simplified Chinese, by the way.