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Can't open files in Classic mode

Posted: 2004-09-17 09:32:57
by helinskij

I have a many documents that I have created with Nisus on a 9.X mac.
Now when I try to open them on an OS 10.3 mac with Nisus Classic running under Classic mode I get the following error message:



Has anyone else seen this? If so, is there a fix?
I have tried starting Classic with extensions off and gave Nisus more than enough memory. Switching to Express is not an option because I need to use the drawing tools that are available in Nisus 6.X. I am anxious to by a new iMac, but this problem is holding me up until I get it resolved.

Posted: 2004-10-05 12:18:29
by rmark

I'm sorry you experience difficulties with Nisus Writer Classic.

I've not seen this problem. Does this happen with all files or only with specific files?

Posted: 2004-10-06 11:07:42
by helinskij

It happens with all of my files created under 9.X.

Many of them have graphics, but not all of them. I thought at first that it was only the graphics containing files, but it isn't.

I am hoping that the programmers will be adding the graphics tools of Classic to Express. Otherwise I will have to move over to AppleWorks or (gasp!) MicroSoft Word.

Have you succcessfully opened old Nisus files on a Panther Mac running in Classic mode?


re: Can't open files in Classic mode

Posted: 2004-10-08 09:37:23
by rmark

Indeed. I open Classic files in Nisus Writer Classic running in the Classic environment of OS X Panther 10.3.5 all the time. In fact, the Nisus Writer Express manual was written in Nisus Writer Classic 6.5 in just that way.

If you want to send me a sample file for testing, please do so with an explanatory cover letter to <>. We'll look into it.