printing ligatured Persian poetry

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printing ligatured Persian poetry

Post by Lenny »

I have not been able to create a printout in which Persian poetic text comes out aligned properly -- right and left justified, and extended by ligatures to lines of even length. These are old files that once worked perfectly with the Persian/World Script support under OS 8 and OS 9

The best I've been able to manage is left-justified lines without ligatures. I was wondering if anyone could offer a suggestion of how to make the Nisus file print out correctly? The Persian text appears aligned
properly on the computer screen, but when printed out the file produces
either garbled text (when printing to a PostScript printer) or the left-justified text without the ligatures (to a non-PostScript printer).
Any suggestions anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.

This file is in Nisus 6.5 on a Macintosh running OS 9.2. I don't know
if this is relevant, but the "Persian Settings" on the Mac system
folder does not seem to recognize the Persian fonts that are installed
on the computer, although they do show up in the Nisus list of fonts.

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